PSY505 Assignment Solution Spring 2019

PSY505 Assignment Solution Spring 2019

Theory of scaffolding:

Jerome burner was a psychologist and known for his contribution in field of psychology. Burner was impressed by the work of Lev Vygotsky. Vygotsky argues that a child’s social environment and social interaction are important factors in learning process.

He proposed scaffolding theory in 1976.It is considered very effective in education department. He says that it is necessary for the teacher t to provide his student good and helpful environment in his childhood to enhance his learning .He proposed that main objective of the education is learning so curriculum of school must be designed to increase problem solving techniques .This concept is based upon activity provided by high competent peer.

A child is not able to understand this world by himself. There is always a coach or teacher who assists him in learning process. The support and scaffold are removed when student is ready to learn. For e.g. if student is learning a math concept, he or she might understand it by teacher but this scaffold is temporary. Every step is explained by the teacher deeply but after its student has to do it without any help or guidance of teacher. This theory increases higher order skills of student.

PSY505 Assignment Solution Spring 2019

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