CS615 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2019

CS615 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2019

Question 1:                                                                                                                                5 Marks


A company named “Fooding” wants to develop a mobile app. This company approaches your firm to develop this application. But Fooding’s management do not know the exact user interface design. Which requirement elicitation approach will be best suitable to extract user interface requirements in this scenario? Briefly explain with proper reason.

Question No 2:                                                                                                                          10 Marks


You are required to classify the problems that affect software projects into the following four categories:


• People-related problems

• Process-related problems

• Product-related problems

• Technology-related problems



1.      Change of operating system in the mid of development due to licensing issue.

2.      One of key stakeholder not cooperating well with the development team.

3.      Wrongly calculated deadline of the “Fooding” mobile application.

4.      Many quality standards not achieved due to unrealistic project completion deadline

5.      A critical requirements that may also change the overall scope of the application.

6.      A company “Tough Tech” wants to initiate a development of software project suggested by their research and development team.

7.      Project manager must monitor the requirements that these requirements aligned to the defined scope.

8.      A noisy or cramped workspace disturbing the working environment.

9.      Project manager choose waterfall model to complete a software project in which requirements are critical.

10.  Cost of reusability of one reporting tool is not deducted from the total cost of the software project.

CS615 Assignment 2 Solution Spring 2019

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